Windows Up or Windows Down?

The weather here is getting hotter everyday. It is around this time every year when it begins to get to a point that it is hard to breathe outside, especially when you are in a suit and tie (like now) or when you are wearing a chef’s coat (last year). Today’s high was around 90, and with humidity it’s just like sitting in an oven if you are in a car all day long. That leads me to the mother of all questions for you guys. Is it better to run the AC or roll down the windows?


I submit that this is a great question and it poses a great debating point. Everyone has got an opinion on this. “AC wastes gas!”, “Rolling the windows down causes drag!”, are just some of the normal responses. Others will submit that it doesn’t really matter so long as the driver is comfortable. I read that mythbusters did an episode on this very issue and that it was determined that it didn’t matter, basically the only way to save gas was to ride with the AC off and the windows up.



Either way, that doesn’t make for interesting conversation. So, what do you guys do? Windows up or windows down?


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