Quick, I mean real fast.


So I have a lot of things going on right now. I have about 100 things to write about and make a post and not really sure which to actually do. I have a list of reviews to write, but I get the feeling that you guys could really care less. Some of this stuff I like and want to recommend that you buy, some of it I want to warn you about.

Also, I quit my job at Liberty National. Legally, I can’t say anything negative about them or I could be fined $1000. The truth is that most of them that I got to know are good people, but I couldn’t do what was asked of me. It was against my “ethical code”. That story in itself is another blog post.

Now I am on the job market and who knows what that will mean. What it probably means is that I will end up working for CCA at the prison in Clifton, TN. It also means moving. That I am not excited about. I hate Mississippi, but I like our house. We really made a home here. With Addie having got a job at BAM, it means we won’t be moving back to Savannah, so even though we will probably be moving, I won’t get to be any closer to my family. Boo.

Hmm… there is more…

Oh yeah, so I got some recording software, and I have been doing some demos. I figure that you guys are in on my personal life, I might as well post some here too. What do you think of that? Hungry for some metal? Haha, if you want to call my music metal.

I am also starting two new classes at CTU. There’s a review, or more of a warning. I don’t know about the competition, but I have been sorely disappointed. Each term I start looking at other schools, but being to afraid of losing the FA I have now, I just keep going.


One thought on “Quick, I mean real fast.

  1. Damn, just realized that part of my post is missing. I have already edited it twice, I am not editing it again. Wow, I have no idea where the rest of it went.

    Anyways, the missing part says that I have more fiction stories, at least I am working on two right now, and if my son takes long naps then I might be able to post one in the next day or so. Considering all that I have going on right now, it may be difficult, but I love writing.

    The missing part of the post went on to describe the two stories, but I am not doing it again. If you care to read them, you’ll just have to see them as I post em’.

    I really do appreciate all the likes and comments.

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