Beginning a journey.

Today, I started another website. It is basically a review site for table top gaming. I have virtually no content yet, but basic design is there. I am excited so I am telling you all about it. Here is a link. Don’t worry I’ll put another one at the bottom.

As I said before, there isn’t much content yet, but I am really excited about it. So you gamers out there can check back in a while and hopefully find one you like. I have a big list of games to review, so over the next couple of weeks or so I have got to get crackin.

What should I include in my reviews?What would you like to know about a tabletop game? Should I just ramble on about my feelings about the game, or get into some tough journalism? Tell me your thoughts.

Thats pretty much it considering how tired I am. I have another short to post tomorrow. Anyone into flash fiction?

Oh, BTW here is that link again


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