Road to Understanding JavaScript Frameworks.

Alright, so I am branching out and trying to grow as a developer. I am working to strengthen my skills and prepare myself for winter. Come November, I will graduate and then it is time to stop messing around and get out there. I bounce back and fourth between determining that I am prepared enough. It is these types of feelings that keep me pushing forward.

So, I do Treehouse right. You can get in on that action here. The point of this is not to promote them, but to illustrate my frustration and maybe help some other struggling guy while helping myself to figure this stuff out. I completed the JavaScript Course and the JQuery course. I have nearly completed my first track, but while I was watching this video on you tube:

Video #6 in the playlist

It got me thinking about frameworks and the direction I want to take with my learning. Now is a great time to determine where I want to go. I have a great handle on the basics. What do I want to specialize in? Angluar.js seems to be the business right now and it is apparently growing. I thought that considering JavaScript is where most of my points are within Treehouse it is logical for me to move forward with JavaScript frameworksyngwie_malmsteen_logopic.

I began to look into it. Treehouse sections, Codecademy, random articles. I just was checking it out. At a glance, it seems pretty cool, but when I see these guys breaking it down its like watching Yngwie Malmsteen demonstrate a guitar solo. If you ever looked up his youtube videos, you know what I mean.

Okay, so I am already getting deep here and haven’t even began to talk about Angular. I suppose I will make another entry for just such topics. This one can be about my journey and frustration upon attempting to learn Angular.js.

I get some of the concepts and the execution, but there is much that I don’t understand. In fact, I haven’t had an example yet, that I couldn’t complete, but often times they make it easier than it has to be.

Other than Angular, I have other items on my todo list. If I end up giving up on angular until I am smarter I will probably move on to Ruby on Rails, php, or node.js I am almost positive that those are all backend. I feel that I need to take a deeper look into react.js and backbone.js there may be potential for growth there. I was initially drawn to ember, but my understanding is that it is on the way out. With so much left to learn, it is easy to feel lost. We just keep our heads down and keep going.

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