Stream Of Consciousness Post

Before I get right to this, I want to do a little explaining of what is going on here an why. Otherwise, you may read this and end up confused at the end. I was reading The Daily Post‘s Writing 101: Daily Blog about SOC writing. The assignment was to write anything for twenty minutes. Simple enough. So, I opened word and started the timer. The result turned out to be a decent snapshot of my life at the moment. Maybe 2000 more words would’ve gotten a better look at it, but I was trying to write fast. I fixed most of the grammar and spelling mistakes afterward. Either way, I told myself I would post the results afterward. So, here goes. Then, I will return to working on my story. Be on the lookout for it pretty soon.


 SOC challenge:

Writing in a stream of conscious style has its advantages and disadvantages. A lot of the time this is the method I would use to tackle a story, except with that I have some form of idea toward which I am directing my writing. This is not the case here. I am just writing and I will let it take me wherever, for the next twenty minutes.

My son is asleep in the other room. The house is quiet, for once. The dog is crashed out somewhere in the house, probably the living room. She sneaks up onto the couch when no one is in the room. I suppose she thinks she is getting away with something, because as soon as we step foot in there she is off the couch and at my feet saying how sorry she is with her eyes. Truthfully, I don’t mind it. The only time we don’t let her up is when she is shedding real bad (twice a year for about a month) and when she is having lady times. I keep telling myself to go get that taken care of. Then I get a bit of spare time and forget all about it. Before you know it, its rag time again.

Evee is great. She is the best dog I have ever had. She acts like a much older dog these days. She’s almost three and she acts like she is seven and on her last leg. I think it’s because we stopped being as active with her when Dexter was born and now she has gotten used to being lazy and fat. The most exercise she gets aside from out walks and park trips is running from Dexter around the house. I don’t blame her. He wants to pull her tail one minute and give her kisses the next. He is a wild card and you never know what to expect.

Haha, twenty minutes almost entirely spent talking about my dog. That’s a bit funny, but it makes sense. I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs. A lot of my fiction writing has had dog characters in it. My best attempt to date at a novel had a dog in it. It was my main character’s best friend.

Speaking of writing, I am really enjoying getting back into it again. You see, I go through phases, music, writing, music, writing. Only occasionally will I get a brief window in between phases where I am able to do both. Lately, I have been trying to write on topics for review, especially considering that I have not published a single review yet. I also have my fiction that I am working on. It is truly the joy of writing, but it is somehow intimidating. I am always reluctant to start. I tell myself that I should be reading instead. Sometimes I will read about writing instead of writing, hoping that it will make the writing I actually do better. That’s a silly idea. You get better at writing by writing.

I also am the creative force behind a band that will get stagnate if I don’t keep everyone’s fire lit. So I have to keep coming up with music. Don’t let me make that sound like a chore, I love guitar and I love writing music, but it has been a long time since I wrote any lyrics. This is why I am able to write now. I do however plan to post future lyrical journeys hear as poetry. Maybe I will even record a demo and post that. Who knows?

I have gotten a lot of good feedback from you guys about my fiction though. I plan to post some older stuff that I have on here just because you guys seem to enjoy it.

Lately, I have been reading Bentley Little’s short story works. I like to read short stories when I am writing short stories, makes me think about things differently. In fact, the story I am working on now was inspired by one of his stories. It doesn’t have the same plot or anything, but the idea of the Faulkner style, but with a terror twist seemed really appealing. I like to take the reader on a journey, make them think a little bit if I can. I can’t really say much more about all of this, because I am still working on it and I don’t want to give anything away.

I have four minutes left on my twenty minute challenge. What now? Should I go on about myself? I should be writing not thinking about what to write next… Only a short period of time left, hmm. Rather than worry about finishing on time, I have elected to finish with some sort of point or resolution, before returning to my story. You see, I have limited time each day to work on anything like this.

My morning is spent with Dexter, followed by lunch and an afternoon outside (learning the trike recently). Then, on to nap time. This is when I get to write, read, whatever. He will wake up and either I play with him while Addie makes dinner or vice versa. After dinner, we do calming things. We play with blocks, or do coloring, etc. As bedtime nears, we take a bath with lavender or chamomile if we have any. Then he drinks warm milk while I/Addie (we take turns) read him a story. Then into bed for a second story. Addie usually reads him a book of his choice. I read the same book. Right now, we are reading the golden compass. After which, I get free time again.

This is a bit confusing because it is free time in the sense that I can do what I want. That doesn’t really make it free time. This is because I have obligations. I am a student at an online college. This means I have numerous weekly assignments that must be done during this time. I am unemployed, which means I must be job searching during this time, there are other things happening during this time, like spending time with Addie, and trying out products like board games and video games for review. Watching movies, and other things would also fall into this time.

This type of things turns into a balancing act of activities and questioning myself to see what is most fun and important.

I just realized that I am over on time. I could really stop there. What is most important? Writing definitely falls in that category. But I like to tackle my music and writing in the same way. If I can get a little bit done every day, I can throw out the bad and keep the good. I will steadily make progress and before long. I have a plethora of material. This is how all of Dead Perspective’s music came about, a little at a time over a period of time.

Thanks for reading and taking time to care about a silly challenge. I would say this has definitely been a SOC piece.