Who is Dead Perspective?

So, I am new to this whole blogging thing. I wanna generate some content and not feel so much like a noob, but what do I have to say? I am interested in lots of things so I will start there. Be prepared, because the next few posts will most likely be totally random and off the wall. So, enough chit-chat, tell me something…

The first thing you see once you reach my page is the title, “thedeadsparticus”. That is an odd title, you might say. I’ll being by explaining it. Sparticus is/was my stage name. I know it is silly, but it represents my love of music and my desire at a young age to pursue music. Ever heard of the movie “That Thing You Do”? Well, it is about a band called the Wonders who are a one hit wonder, much in the style of early beatles, etc. That is not the important part. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it (totally family friendly BTW). In the movie, the main character (drummer) refers to himself as the leader “Spartacus”. This movie didn’t spark my interest in music, but it did say to me that I should give an instrument a try, and shortly after I got my first drum kit.

I am not a drummer. I thought I was for a time when I was twelve, but very quickly realized that I was not. My grandfather was a pillar of strength in my life and was also a bluegrass guitar player (from Tennessee). This helped in my transition from drums to guitar. Around my thirteenth birthday, I had made the switch. I have been playing ever since. I still toy with drums when I get the opportunity and I have a healthy respect for how important they are in music as well as in a live mix, but it is just not my forte.

Shameless self promotion follows…

So about five or six years ago, I was just about to go back to college and instead decided to join a band. It was called “Memoir”. We were sort of a Creed type band, but the music was all original. I wrote most of the music and the Drummer (Snowman) wrote almost all of the lyrics. We were a writing duo. The others did their parts and wrote music too, but most of it was the two of us. Over the period of a year or so, Snow and I began to have difference of opinons on a number of subjects. Our creative ideas started to go in different directions. I didn’t have the same respect for him as a friend, either. So, the rest of the band followed me when I left and we formed what is now known as “Dead Perspective”.

Check it out here:




Now, we’ve been together nearly 5 years. I feel confident that we would’ve had more success if we hadn’t all just had kids and gotten married. We aren’t the party boys we used to be. Now, we are all just doing what we are passionate about. I still write and hopefully we can get out and actually play some shows this summer.

I may have gotten a bit off track here, but I did do the things I set out to do. I explained thedeadsparticus. I breifly told the story of Dead Perspective. And I let you guys in a bit on the story of my life and the way my brain works. So lets talk about it. Listen to the music and tell me what you think. Ask me questions.