Wait for gold, or enjoy bronze now?

I am not sure what the title of this posts summons to mind for you, but it is indicative of a little personal battle I have been having with myself. With so much going on lately, I have been stretched pretty thin. I am watching Dexter and playing Mr. Mom while Addie is at work and when she is home I am job searching (still no luck), doing school work, building my website, trying to do writing exercises, so that I can get better at writing, all while trying to squeeze in time for my story wherever I can find it.

Truthfully, its the job searching that is destroying my time, and seemingly in vein. I swear one more assessment and my head will pop off. I have applied for almost every job in every established business in Corinth, as well as in the surrounding cities. The only places I haven’t applied are food service based. Why would I go back to food service when I left a 4 star restaurant and a salary job? I am trying to/have been trying to move away from food service. Seems that I don’t have much experience in retail or whatever (insert random business here). I think it is those pesky assessments. Do you guys actually answer them honestly? That is what I have been doing and apparently I am a terrible person. Which is funny, because I left Liberty National because I didn’t like feeling like I was scamming people and cold calling. Alright, I am done ranting, on to the purpose of this post.

So, this is not about my lack of a job, nor is it about Liberty National and my disgruntled status. This is about my current work of fiction. I haven’t posted in awhile and I wanted to say hello, I am still here, thanks for hanging in there with me, but for what purpose. I have no story for you. In fact, it isn’t even halfway done. BUT…I could give you some of it now? Thus we get to the relevance of the title. Would you rather get the unedited first two chapters/segments now? Or wait until I complete the whole story and receive it as a lump dump (I enjoyed that). I can tell you this much for sure, it will be fairly long, at least in terms of short stories, might even be on the novella side of things, but it has me excited.

At the end of this post I will include a poll. I encourage you all to vote. If you say you want it now, then you shall have it and I can get some immediate feedback. And if you say wait for gold (hoping that it does in fact turn into gold), then we’ll wait. If no one votes, which I expect to be what actually happens, I mean we have to be realistic here,  I have 21 followers and how many of you really get into this type of post? I would wager not many, but I don’t know you. If no one votes, I will wait, so what I am saying is, if you want it now you have to earn it. If you want to wait, that is fine too. Instead, I will just write a review for my website or tell you some other random story about my personal life.

I have a post in mind for this blog entitled “Mr. MOM, My Life As A Stay At Home Dad”.  I think it will turn up some interesting events and emotions. I’ll tell you one thing, it has been an interesting ride so far. I felt the unmistakable urge to just start weeping while we were watching the lion king earlier. That never happened before? In my head it was like, WTF is happening to me! I am about to cry. We quickly turned it off and began to play dinosaurs and Batman.

Alright, enough of all that before I ruin that other post. That was going to be one of my punchlines. I am finished here. I will leave you with the poll and return to working on the story while Dexter sleeps. Nap time will be over soon anyway. Thanks to all of you who read this. Its pretty cool that you care.

Beginning a journey.

Today, I started another website. It is basically a review site for table top gaming. I have virtually no content yet, but basic design is there. I am excited so I am telling you all about it. Here is a link. Don’t worry I’ll put another one at the bottom.

As I said before, there isn’t much content yet, but I am really excited about it. So you gamers out there can check back in a while and hopefully find one you like. I have a big list of games to review, so over the next couple of weeks or so I have got to get crackin.

What should I include in my reviews?What would you like to know about a tabletop game? Should I just ramble on about my feelings about the game, or get into some tough journalism? Tell me your thoughts.

Thats pretty much it considering how tired I am. I have another short to post tomorrow. Anyone into flash fiction?

Oh, BTW here is that link again  http://tabletopgames.siterubix.com



Quick, I mean real fast.


So I have a lot of things going on right now. I have about 100 things to write about and make a post and not really sure which to actually do. I have a list of reviews to write, but I get the feeling that you guys could really care less. Some of this stuff I like and want to recommend that you buy, some of it I want to warn you about.

Also, I quit my job at Liberty National. Legally, I can’t say anything negative about them or I could be fined $1000. The truth is that most of them that I got to know are good people, but I couldn’t do what was asked of me. It was against my “ethical code”. That story in itself is another blog post.

Now I am on the job market and who knows what that will mean. What it probably means is that I will end up working for CCA at the prison in Clifton, TN. It also means moving. That I am not excited about. I hate Mississippi, but I like our house. We really made a home here. With Addie having got a job at BAM, it means we won’t be moving back to Savannah, so even though we will probably be moving, I won’t get to be any closer to my family. Boo.

Hmm… there is more…

Oh yeah, so I got some recording software, and I have been doing some demos. I figure that you guys are in on my personal life, I might as well post some here too. What do you think of that? Hungry for some metal? Haha, if you want to call my music metal.

I am also starting two new classes at CTU. There’s a review, or more of a warning. I don’t know about the competition, but I have been sorely disappointed. Each term I start looking at other schools, but being to afraid of losing the FA I have now, I just keep going.