Ladies and Gentlemen, he has returned.

So, I have been away from this platform for some time now. I have been doing many different things and to be honest for awhile I had totally forgotten that this even existed. Now, I have returned to try to make use of this public diary once again.

return he has

Dustin Morris

On the verge of finishing my BS degree in Info Tech, I feel like I should start to be social and linking this account to all that stuff means I should probably be writing some meaningful stuff on here. We’ll see about all of that, but I am going to try to post at least once a week. It will probably be me recapping lesson or writing about web development stuff.

I’m not sure if the point is to demonstrate that I know what I am talking about or illustrate that I have more personality than a Chia pet. Either way, the word on the street is that this is the way to get the attention of recruiters and or “the path to a job” and so here I go, on my way down the path. Employers look out, new developer on the scene.

BTW, if anyone is interested in a few website message me. I am building a portfolio and until I get it finished I am looking for projects. I would be happy to build your website at no cost to you, other than the domain name. For those that don’t know domain name is They are fairly inexpensive depending on what you choose and who you buy it from. I will provide hosting for 6 months at no cost to you. Check out my website @